Horsehead Released Their Most Groundbreaking Album To Date On June 16th, 2023.

When their original debut album Record Of The Year was officially released back in 2006, Richmond, VA’s own Americana/Rock band Horsehead wouldn’t have possibly guessed they’d still be standing seventeen years later, stronger than ever. With six full albums proudly in their catalog to-date & a seventh coming out in the summer of 2023, a ton of incredible memories gathered from throughout their years, and a remarkably dedicated fan-base unlike any other, Horsehead continues to thrive with exciting new tunes.

From the sincere heart in their irresistible hooks & melodies, to their stunningly crafted instrumentation & inherent charm, to the cleverness of their lyricism & genuinely relatable vibes, the consistency within the songwriting of their wildly versatile music has remained constant over the course of their career. All in the pursuit of entertaining the masses with gripping material designed to move the mind, body & soul – Horsehead prides itself on making music that truly connects to everyone who takes the time to listen.

Over the past year and a half, the four-piece band recorded twenty songs that revealed how far they’ve come since their earliest days, and proved their best music still comes out of’em with every new release. As they trimmed the lineup of twenty down to thirteen of their finest tracks ever, Horsehead was left with a record that represented the band’s past & present as one, and a set list that was second to none. Beyond ecstatic to launch their seventh full-length record Sundogs Dancing In The Early Morning Light into the world online June 16th, Horsehead is sounding better than they ever have before throughout a lineup of songs that speaks volumes on behalf of their ability to entertain people on every possible level.

Sundogs Dancing In The Early Morning Light features the charismatic and eclectic sound of Horsehead at their undeniable best; it’s the record they’ve always known they’ve had within them & wanted to make. Featuring a talented lineup of players that includes Jon Brown (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Kevin Wade Inge (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Steve Chiles (Bass), and Ricky Tubb (Drums/Percussion), together they’ve committed to creating an album filled with addictive songs that would serve as a landmark highlight in their growing catalog, and an achievement that permanently establishes their legacy in music’s history.

Join Horsehead in as they celebrate the release of Sundogs Dancing In The Early Morning Light & reveal a lineup of songs that no playlist could possibly be considered to be complete without this year.


"Has us head over heels immediately."

- No Depression

"Thrilling Americana with timeless spirit, modern appeal, and splendid talent."

- The Auricular

"The elegance that is translated through this record takes our breath away."

- Modern Mystery




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