Photo by Patrick Biedrycki


Casual Dracula, the 5th full-length release by Richmond, VA’s Horsehead is a concise and exciting new effort that finds the group rejuvenated and firing on all cylinders.

After the group’s 4th album, 2013’s “Sympathetic Vibrations,” was backed by a successful Kickstarter campaign, took almost a year to record and was placed on the ballot for a 2014 Grammy nomination, they were determined to capture the sound of the band as it is; people playing Rock&Roll in a room, together.

With Casual Dracula, the entirety of the collection’s 11 new songs, penned by singer-guitarist Jon Brown with writing help on 3 songs by longtime friend and band mate of 17 years, Kevin Wade Inge, were recorded in just 4 days at Richmond’s Scott’s Addition Sound by engineer Kevin Willoughby.

“Just as our fourth record was being released, my mother passed away and I couldn’t function.  Suddenly there’s this giant hole in the universe,” Brown says. “As a person who writes songs almost daily, I found myself directionless and uninspired except that I knew I wanted to write a song in her honor. I kept having a very vivid, recurring dream about her for months that lead to the writing of “I Built A Bridge,” then final song on the record.  In a way, it help me get back on my feet again. It was rewritten about 15 times before I was satisfied. With that song done, I felt a little lighter and able to begin writing again.”

After that initial jolt, the writing really began to take a somewhat political slant exemplifying the division of wealth in America in “Last Word Wins” and “Border Living” while also touching on subjects like depression in “Feel Too Good To Cry.”

“The experience of making this record was such a cleansing and positive one for me,” says Brown. Inge adds, “It just feels immediate, real, and right.”

Casual Dracula is a dynamic, unapologetic love letter to American Rock and Roll.


“Struts a lot more than it trots…” – No Depression

“Real and good and raggedy and right…” – Jambands.com

“For the average music lover, this phonograms could be quite interesting…” – Rocktimes.de

“Horsehead combines alternative rock, old-school country, and even a bit of southern-fried soul together into an excellent musical stew…” – RVA Magazine

“Horsehead is 1970’s classic rock in all its time-honored, raised-lighter glory…” – Style Weekly