A little over a decade ago, at the suggestion of Kevin’s sister, Kelly, we decided to call the acoustic duo of Kevin and Jon The Dimmer Twins. We were unaware of there ever having been a ‘Dimmer Twins’ before us at the time and it sounded cool. We played a lot of shows as The Dimmer Twins.

Fast forward; About four years ago, a cool dude by the name of Jonathan Lee, introduced himself at one of our shows in Raleigh, NC and told us about another ‘Dimmer Twins.’ As it was the first we heard of it and as it didn’t seem the other DTs were using the moniker anymore, we decided to stick with it. Then, a year or so ago we started seeing those other guys sporadically use the name. Well, they have somewhere around 180,000 followers on Facebook and let’s just say we have a few less. 

Today, we’ve seen it again. We seem to travel in the same circles and are fortunate enough to share some fans. At this point, we think it’s in everyone’s best interest if we just let you know when ‘Jon and Kevin of Horsehead’ have a show coming up and avoid any more confusion.

Thanks for staying tuned. We’re not going anywhere, we’re just putting a new coat of paint of the joint.


Alright, y’all! We have a couple cool things coming up on the calendar:

Wednesday, 8/31: The Dimmer Twins (Jon & Kev) will be playing a free show at Kabana Rooftop in Richmond, VA…stripped down versions of your fave Horsehead songs. Come on up!

Saturday, 10/1: The full band returns to The Camel in Richmond, VA with good friends Justin Jones and Matt Conner. Gonna be a great night!

Check the SHOWS page for details and ticketing info!

Dear Friends,

We have something we’d like to share with you today. Please head over to our YouTube page and enjoy.



Y’all!!! Stoked for the next show in RVA! Horsehead will be playing The Shack Up, a 2-day festival happening at The Broadberry AND The Camel. We’ll be at The Broadberry on Friday, August 5th, and we hope to see you there, loud and proud!


Up next: Horsehead will be heading to IOTA in Arlington, VA to support our good buds the Bobby Thompson Project on Saturday, April 30th. Hope to see you all there!